Emoticon illustrate emotion

/e·mò·ti·con/ – illustrate emotion is a contest for illustrators under 35, intended to explore through the art of illustration the world of children’s emotions.

What are the emotions made of? What shape do they have? What color are they? How do they arise? What are they for? Art opens up a way to understand the emotions that come up when a child discovers something new, something that surprises or amazes him, or that frightens or makes him angry.
The contest is organized by the teatre company based in Vicenza La Piccionaia, in collaboration with Associazione Illustri. The goal is the selection of 10 finalist projects, among which 4 will be called winner and will become the subject of the communication and promotion campaigns of 4 major theatre in Veneto, each one hosting in 2018-2019 a theater season organized by La Piccionaia and dedicated to the public of children and families. 
The finalist illustrations will be publicly presented during a traveling exhibition that will be hosted in Vicenza and then in Padua.
The competition will stay open from April 16th to May 28th 2018.